Why You Should Choose Invoicing Software Over Invoice Templates

When you first start your small business it is very tempting to go out and look for a free or even a premium invoice template for word or excel. In the short run this is a very nice solution for a newly started small business. There will be a few downsides to this in the medium to long run though.

  • Every time you create a new invoice you have to enter in every single detail on your customer, and your products.
  • You have no inventory management, meaning you have to have a separate document for all your inventory.
  • You have to have a separate document for each and every invoice you write. What happens when you have to find that invoice you wrote about six months ago?

I could go on listing examples of areas where a template does not measure up to even the worst software. But in stead I will give you a great alternative to invoice templates. Small Business invoicing software!

Using software specifically designed to handle invoicing in a small business you will be able to do-away with the disadvantages of the invoice template.

The software product features extensive database systems that allows you to enter information only once and recall it instantly. be it article data in your inventory, customer information, or indeed the invoice you wrote 2 years ago.

The software will save you time, and it will save your accountant time, both will result in you saving a ton of money, more than enough to make it up for the expense of purchasing the software.

Now. You may say something like… I don’t know how to use a computer… or… I feel safe using my templates and do not want to learn using a new program.

If this is the case I can tell you that most of the invoice software available out there today is made for people like you. It is very user friendly and in just a few short minutes you will get the hang of it and immediately you will see how this will save you time and money.